The Nice Mafia

You may have already read here about some of the volunteer work we do. On top of that we want to try to personally give back to our local community,. Using our own business and photography skills to give directly to specific families, individuals, couples, charities, and non-profit organisations. The difference is that we want you to help us choose who benefits from our time and skill.
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Enter the Nice Mafia! With dramatic music and slow motion walking!

We'd like to use the 'C' word if we may? CHRISTMAS! There, we said it. Just like every grandma likes to remind us, it will be here before we know it. Well grandma, you're right, such is your age old wisdom.

It means it's a good time for the Nice Mafia to strike. Like all mafia organisations, it's a team effort, so we need your help! This Christmas we'd like to offer a deserving family or individual a Nice Mafia photo shoot.

We're looking for someone who has either had a very tough year and deserves a treat, or someone who has supported others throughout the year. We want you lovely lot to nominate those in need of a treat. Maybe a child in your life has been particularly brave this year. It could be that a teacher has gone that extra mile. There could be a young person that spends a lot of their time caring and helping others. It could be that a really great family has just been super down on their luck.

Whatever the reason and whomever they are, let us know. This isn't a popularity contest, the photo shoot session won't be offered to the person with the most 'votes', it will come down to their story, who they are and what they've done or been through. So it's your job to convey that story to us, so we have a good idea just how special they are.

Please let us know using the form below. Tell us a little about them and why yo feel the deserve a visit from the Nice Mafia. If you know more than one person or family that you'd like to nominate then go for it. You'll have up to Sunday December 23rd 2018 to send your nominations. After which we'll announce who'll be receiving the Nice Mafia photo shoot. Their session will then take place in January 2019.


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